Who Is The New CM Of Haryana?

There’s been a big change in Haryana’s politics recently. After lots of rumors and fights over power, Nayab Singh Saini has become the new Chief Minister. He has replaced Manohar Lal Khattar who was the CM for a long time. This shift has caused a stir in Haryana’s political scene. Many people are now curious to know about the man leading the state.

So Who Is The New Cm Of Haryana? He was born in 1956 in Kurukshetra district to a farmer’s family. It’s amazing how someone from a village has now become the chief minister! His journey shows how persistent and dedicated he is towards public service.

Saini is an experienced politician from the BJP party. Since 2009, he has been elected as an MP from Kurukshetra three times in the Lok Sabha elections.

Now as Haryana’s CM, everyone is watching Saini closely. He has tough tasks ahead like proving his majority in the assembly. He also needs to focus on issues like economy, law and order, and farmers’ welfare. With his connect to the grassroots and understanding of Haryana’s politics, people hope Saini will bring a fresh approach to governance.

Who Is The New CM Of Haryana?
Who Is The New CM Of Haryana?

I. Who Is The New Cm Of Haryana?

Haryana has a new Chief Minister – Nayab Singh Saini from BJP. He replaced Manohar Lal Khattar who resigned recently. Saini took oath at the Raj Bhawan in Chandigarh on Tuesday evening.

But his appointment is facing legal troubles. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. It challenges Saini’s appointment as he is a Member of Parliament (MP), not a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Haryana. The petition says this is fraud against the public and Constitution.

The PIL also objects to the appointment of 5 cabinet ministers – Kanwarpal Gujjar, Moolchand Sharma, Ranjit Singh, JP Dalal and Dr. Banwari Lal. It wants their salaries and facilities frozen.

Saini has to prove his majority in the assembly through a floor test today. The situation in Haryana is tense. As the new CM, he has to handle coalition politics skillfully.

People have high hopes from Saini. They want him to focus on economic growth, law and order, education and healthcare. But the road ahead is bumpy with legal and political hurdles. Haryanvis are hoping for stability and good governance under the new leadership.

Who Is The New CM Of Haryana?
Who Is The New CM Of Haryana?

II. Early Life and Background of Nayab Singh Saini

Nayab Singh Saini, the new Haryana CM, comes from a humble farmer’s family in Kurukshetra district. Born in 1956, his early life was full of struggles. But he was determined to study and break the cycle of poverty.

Saini did his schooling in the village and then graduated from Kurukshetra University. He went on to complete a master’s degree in Political Science from the same university. After a brief stint as a teacher, Saini’s passion for public service drew him towards politics.

His political journey began at the grassroots level through social movements. In the late 1990s, Saini joined the BJP, impressed by their ideology. He gradually rose through the party ranks. From 2000 to 2009, he was an MLA from Kurukshetra.

In 2009, Saini got elected to the Lok Sabha from Kurukshetra. He has won this seat twice more in 2014 and 2019. This solidified his position as a prominent BJP leader in Haryana.

Saini’s appointment as CM shows the BJP’s faith in his perseverance and commitment. His humble origins and experiences are likely to shape his approach to governance. As he takes charge, people are watching how this leader will tackle Haryana’s challenges.

III. Circumstances leading to Nayab Singh Saini’s appointment as the new Chief Minister of Haryana

Manohar Lal Khattar had to resign as the Haryana Chief Minister due to growing tensions within the ruling BJP. He faced a lot of criticism from his own party members and the opposition over issues like handling the farmers’ protests and the state’s economy. As the dissent increased, Khattar’s position became shaky. He finally resigned on Tuesday, paving way for a new BJP leader to take over.

The BJP quickly chose Nayab Singh Saini as Khattar’s successor. Saini is a seasoned politician and a Lok Sabha MP from Kurukshetra. His long association with the BJP, grassroots connect and understanding of Haryana’s politics made him a strong contender. Being an OBC leader also worked in his favor as BJP wants to expand its base.

As per the constitutional process, Saini met the Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya and staked claim to form the government. After confirming Saini’s support in the assembly, the Governor invited him to take oath as the new Chief Minister.

On Tuesday evening, a ceremony was held at the Raj Bhawan in Chandigarh. Outgoing CM Khattar was also present as Saini took oath, officially becoming Haryana’s new CM. However, he faces the immediate challenge of proving his majority in the assembly. Addressing people’s issues is also a key priority.

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