Robert De Niro Girlfriend

Robert De Niro, that legendary actor dude, found love again at 80 with his new girlfriend Tiffany Chen. You know De Niro from his intense acting in movies like Taxi Driver and Goodfellas, playing tough guys and all. But off-screen, he’s just a regular guy who fell for a martial arts instructor way younger than him. Their relationship is pretty unexpected and has people talking. How did an old school actor end up with a kung fu master girlfriend? De Niro’s love story shows you can find romance at any age if you follow your passions. It’s about new beginnings and proving love happens when you least expect it. Following !

Robert De Niro Girlfriend
Robert De Niro Girlfriend

Getting to Know Robert De Niro’s New Girlfriend Tiffany Chen

Yo, so you know Robert De Niro, the legendary actor who played iconic roles like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver and Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull? Well, the 80-year-old dude has a new girlfriend, and her name is Tiffany Chen. They met back in 2015 on the set of this movie called The Intern where Chen had a small role as a Tai Chi instructor. But it wasn’t until 2021 that things got romantic between them after De Niro’s split from his ex-wife Grace Hightower. Fast forward to 2023, and boom – De Niro and Chen welcomed a baby girl named Gia Virginia into the world!

Now, let’s talk about their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2024 Oscars. De Niro was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Killers of the Flower Moon, where he played this shady dude named William Hale. So, he shows up with Chen on his arm, looking all dapper and stuff. But get this – he also had a little reunion with his Taxi Driver co-star Jodie Foster, who he helped get that iconic role as a teenager back in 1976. Can you imagine being a young Jodie Foster and having Robert freakin’ De Niro vouching for you? Wild!

Okay, so this Killers of the Flower Moon flick was a big deal. It racked up 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. And for De Niro, this was his 9th acting nomination, putting him in the same league as legends like Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington. Not too shabby for a guy from Little Italy, right? But let’s be real, De Niro’s been killing it for decades with classics like The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas, and Casino under his belt. The dude’s a living legend, and his performance as the sinister William Hale just added another feather to his already overflowing cap of iconic roles.

Tiffany Chen: The Martial Arts Badass Dating Robert De Niro

Alright, we all know De Niro is a legendary actor and stuff. But let’s talk about his girlfriend Tiffany Chen for a minute. This chick is straight up badass when it comes to martial arts. Like, she was literally born into a kung-fu family with her dad being some guy called Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. Can you imagine having a dad like that? You’re probably learning how to kick butt before you can even walk properly!

From day one, Chen was totally immersed in the martial arts world. And it clearly paid off big time because she’s won a crazy amount of gold medals and world titles over her career. We’re talking serious skills here, people.

Get this – when Chen was just 26 years old, she got inducted into the Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame as their Competitor of the Year. That’s like being a martial arts prodigy or something! Her main jam is tai chi and push hands competitions, which sounds super intense. It takes insane amounts of control and technique to nail all those intricate moves flawlessly. I can barely touch my toes without pulling a muscle, but for Chen, it’s just another day absolutely slaying at martial arts.

So you’re probably wondering how the heck a martial arts master ended up dating an iconic actor like De Niro, right? Well, it all started when Chen had a role in The Intern, which is where she first met the man himself. They probably bonded over their shared love of fitness and discipline or something. And let’s be real, having a girlfriend who could probably kick your butt is kind of a power move for De Niro.

In all seriousness though, their relationship seems to be going really well. They’re navigating the whole fame thing together and just living their best lives. Chen is truly a martial arts badass!

De Niro’s Journey as a Dad with Girlfriend Tiffany Chen

Alright, so we all know De Niro as this intense, method actor dude who fully immerses himself in crazy roles. But did you know he’s also a total softie when it comes to being a dad? When talking about his daughter Gia Virginia with girlfriend Tiffany Chen, De Niro got all mushy, saying stuff like “When I look at her, everything else goes away.” Aww, who knew the guy who played Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull could be such a big ol’ teddy bear? But in all seriousness, it’s pretty cool to see a legendary 80-year-old actor like De Niro embrace fatherhood again.

Now, balancing an insane career like De Niro’s with being a dad can’t be easy, but the dude’s a pro at this point. He’s got six other kids from previous relationships, so he’s basically a fatherhood veteran. There’s Drena and Raphael with his first wife Diahnne Abbott, the twins Julian and Aaron with his ex Toukie Smith, and then Elliot and Helen Grace with his ex-wife Grace Hightower. That’s a whole baseball team of kids right there! Can you imagine trying to juggle all that while also being one of the most famous actors ever? De Niro deserves some kind of award just for that.

But you know what’s really cool? Despite all the craziness of being Robert freakin’ De Niro, the dude seems to be fully embracing this new chapter as a dad with Tiffany Chen and baby Gia Virginia. He’s been in the game for decades, but he’s still willing to take on the challenges of fatherhood again with his new family. And let’s be real, having a partner like Chen who’s all about that intense martial arts discipline and focus probably helps a ton when it comes to keeping that work-life balance. It’s like they’re this unstoppable power couple, conquering Hollywood and parenthood at the same time.

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