Mel B Ex Husband Eddie Murphy: Eddie And Mel B’s Messy Relationship

Mel B and her ex-husband Eddie Murphy’s fling turned into a huge Hollywood scandal. Their 2006 romance led to Mel B’s pregnancy. But Eddie denied being the dad at first.

This sparked an ugly public paternity dispute over Mel B ex husband Eddie Murphy. Mel B had to get a DNA test to prove Eddie was the father of her daughter Angel.

After that, they had a long, bitter legal battle over custody and child support with Mel B’s ex-husband Eddie Murphy. It was all over the media, with them accusing each other of stuff.

They had to figure out co-parenting while dealing with their public images and legal issues from the messy situation with Mel B’s ex-husband Eddie Murphy. Visit for more insights!

Mel B Ex Husband Eddie Murphy: Eddie And Mel B's Messy Relationship
Mel B Ex Husband Eddie Murphy: Eddie And Mel B’s Messy Relationship

I. Who is Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy is a famous American actor and comedian. He was born in Brooklyn in 1961. He became a star on Saturday Night Live in the 1980s. His great comedy skills made him super popular.

Murphy had many hit movies like 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop, and Coming to America. He could do comedy and drama well. Critics loved his acting range from action heroes to romantic leads.

He also did voice acting for animated films like Mulan and Shrek. Murphy won awards like a Golden Globe and the Mark Twain Prize for comedy.

In his personal life, Murphy briefly dated Spice Girl Mel B in 2007. She got pregnant with his daughter Angel. At first, he denied being the dad until DNA tests proved it. After a legal fight, he accepted Angel as his child.

Though his relationship with Mel B was messy, Eddie Murphy is an entertainment legend. His comedy genius and acting talent made him an icon. He could captivate audiences like few others.

Who is Eddie Murphy?
Who is Eddie Murphy?

II. Eddie and Mel B’s Messy Relationship

Eddie Murphy and Mel B’s romance was a wild ride from the start in 2006. It quickly turned into a huge scandal.

Mel B got pregnant with their daughter Angel. But Eddie denied being the dad at first. Mel B had to take him to court for a DNA test to prove he was the father. It was an ugly public battle.

After the legal fight, Eddie accepted Angel as his kid. But then they feuded over custody and child support openly. They accused each other of lots of stuff. It was bitter.

Years later, Mel B wanted more child support from Eddie as her income dropped. This restarted their legal war again. Their relationship was super strained.

Through it all, Mel B praised Eddie’s comedy talents. But they both faced personal struggles too – Mel B with abuse and mental health, Eddie with his career ups and downs.

Despite the drama, they found a way to co-parent Angel peacefully in the end. Their story shows how complicated love can get. But they kept going for their kid, showing accountability and resilience.

Eddie and Mel B's Messy Relationship
Eddie and Mel B’s Messy Relationship

III. The Paternity Scandal and Legal War

Mel B got pregnant, but Eddie Murphy denied being the dad at first. It caused a huge public scandal.

Mel B had to take Eddie to court to force a DNA test. This kicked off an ugly legal battle over the paternity of her daughter Angel.

The media frenzy was intense, with both sides fighting bitterly. The scrutiny and coverage made the situation even more volatile.

Eventually, the DNA test proved Eddie was Angel’s father. But that didn’t end the conflict right away.

Instead, it led to a long, public custody and child support battle between them. They fought over rights and responsibilities for their daughter through the courts.

Custody arrangements and how much child support Eddie owed became major points of contention. Both wanted favorable outcomes legally.

After much chaos, Eddie finally publicly admitted to being Angel’s dad, though very late. This signaled a potential path to co-parenting.

The scandal and legal war impacted their public images and careers greatly. It showed the complexities of celebrity relationships, especially with kids involved.

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