lol Superman Video Gore completo on Twitter

There’s this thing called LOL Superman, right? And it’s like, supposed to be this video that some random person took on that day when those two really tall buildings in New York, the World Trade Center, were like, totally on fire and stuff. And like, apparently this person was like, right there under the towers and was using their camera to film people jumping out of the buildings and stuff. And like, these people were falling and like, basically exploding right near the person with the camera, and like, you could maybe even see their faces and stuff. But like, the weird thing is, nobody actually knows if this video is real or not, cuz like, nobody has actually seen it or anything.

And like, there’s all these people on the internet who are like, totally obsessed with everything about that day, September 11th, and they’ve been like, searching everywhere for this LOL Superman video. But like, they can’t find it anywhere. They’ve like, checked all these dead ends and fake clues and stuff, but like, they got nothing. It’s like, if the video is actually real, it’s like, completely lost or something.

And like, the reason it’s called LOL Superman is cuz like, that’s what the video was named when it was like, posted on some video website, like YouTube or Vimeo or whatever. And like, it’s supposed to be this really messed up joke about the people who were like, falling or jumping or getting pushed out of the World Trade Center towers. And like, people think the video was posted sometime in like, the middle or end of the 2000s, but then like, the internet got all censored and stuff, and like, anything that was even a tiny bit graphic about September 11th got like, completely removed from search results and stuff.

The LOL Superman video might have been just a couple minutes long, or it might have been part of this longer video that the person who filmed it made. Cuz like, if you were there on September 11th, you’d probably be filming like, everything you could before you had to like, escape or whatever. And then like, later on, you might edit the video and remove some parts or whatever.

There’s this other famous video from September 11th, called the Jack Taliercio tape, where this news camera guy ignored the police and stuff and went into the plaza to film the World Trade Center towers from like, right underneath. And like, you can hear the music playing in the background and see all this insane stuff happening. But like, LOL Superman is supposed to be different from that Jack Taliercio tape.

lol Superman Video Gore completo on Twitter
lol Superman Video Gore completo on Twitter

All these researchers and stuff have tried everything to find the LOL Superman video. They’ve like, searched all these different websites and languages and stuff, and like, checked out all these old video sites and social media pages and stuff. But like, they can’t find it anywhere. And like, some people say they remember seeing it, and like, one person even said he remembered hearing terrorist music in the background, so like, maybe it was used for recruiting terrorists or something.

Even this super famous movie director guy, Werner Herzog, said something about the LOL Superman video in an interview one time. And like, people have tried to get the video from places like the 9/11 Museum and the FBI and stuff, but they’re like, not gonna give it to anyone. The FBI even said they have some stuff related to the video, but they’re not gonna release it, probably cuz of like, legal reasons or whatever.

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