Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend: What Happened To Landon And Shyla?

Internet celebrities can’t hide their personal drama. Just look at Landon McBroom girlfriend situation. The 24-year-old YouTuber went through a wild romance that was crazier than a TV show.

It started like a fairytale when Landon messaged influencer Shyla Walker in 2016. They fell head over heels, had a daughter named Souline in 2019, and shared their perfect family online.

But then everything blew up! Shyla accused Landon of abusing her and trying to kidnap their baby. It got so ugly with restraining orders and both of them trashing each other on social media.

Despite all the nastiness, Landon and Shyla recently reunited to co-parent little Souline. But can they actually get along after so much drama? Landon’s girlfriend journey has more twists than a soap opera! Visit for more insights and analysis.

Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend: What Happened To Landon And Shyla?
Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend: What Happened To Landon And Shyla?

I. Who is Landon Mcbroom?

Landon McBroom is a big deal on social media. The 24-year-old is part of the famous McBroom family behind the hit YouTube channel The ACE Family. But Landon has made a name for himself too.

Millions follow him across platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He first got popular from his channel THIS IS L&S with his ex-girlfriend Shyla Walker. They shared their lives and relationship online.

However, Landon’s rise wasn’t without major drama. He bravely opened up about battling cancer, earning respect. But his messy breakup with Shyla brought huge controversy. She accused him of abuse and trying to kidnap their daughter Souline. It led to a nasty legal battle with restraining orders.

Despite the chaos, Landon stayed focused on his career. He’s now getting into boxing while still connecting with fans online. His ability to push through the ups and downs of internet fame is impressive.

Love him or hate him, Landon’s story showcases the intense spotlight on influencers today. His journey of success mixed with personal struggles represents the fascinating yet complicated world of social media celebrities. As he evolves, people remain hooked on Landon’s every move.

Who is Landon Mcbroom?
Who is Landon Mcbroom?

II. Landon Mcbroom girlfriend: Shyla Walker

Shyla Walker is the woman at the center of Landon McBroom’s dramatic love life. The 25-year-old American YouTuber first gained fans for her makeup tutorials. But she really shot to fame from her relationship with Landon.

Shyla has over 1.4 million Instagram followers and 3 million subscribers on their joint YouTube channel THIS IS L&S. The channel shows their lives through vlogs, pranks, and comedy sketches.

Things got super serious when Shyla gave birth to their daughter Souline in 2019. Her life became permanently tied to Landon’s after they met in 2016 when he slid into her Twitter DMs.

Despite their fairytale beginning, the couple’s high-profile romance turned rocky. Shyla accused Landon of abuse and attempting to kidnap Souline amid his cancer battle. This led to an ugly legal fight with restraining orders.

After their bitter split, Shyla aired all the drama in an emotional video. Landon fired back denying the claims in his own video titled “The REAL Truth.”

Through all the chaos, Shyla stayed focused on protecting her daughter. Her unwavering love for Souline earned her respect from fans, even as she faced backlash over the messy breakup.

No matter what happened, Shyla’s journey as Landon’s girlfriend and young mom made her a fascinating figure in the influencer world.

Landon Mcbroom girlfriend: Shyla Walker
Landon Mcbroom girlfriend: Shyla Walker

III. What happened to Landon and Shyla?

Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker’s fairytale romance took an ugly turn. What started out as a dream relationship spiraled into a nightmare played out in the public eye.

While Landon bravely battled cancer, you’d think it would bring the couple closer. But tensions only grew. Shyla then made shocking claims that Landon physically abused her and tried to kidnap their daughter Souline.

An explosive legal war erupted. Shyla aired all the disturbing allegations in an emotional video. Landon fired back denying everything in his own video titled “The REAL Truth.” Their loyal fans didn’t know who to believe.

In the end, a judge granted Shyla a restraining order against Landon. He had to stay 100 feet away from her and Souline. While meant to protect them, it complicated Landon’s ability to co-parent his daughter.

For months, Landon couldn’t see Souline. But recently they were reunited, giving a glimmer of hope the exes could eventually make peace for their child’s sake.

Still, repairing such a broken relationship won’t be easy after so much public drama and hurt. Landon and Shyla’s saga shows how quickly a storybook romance can turn into a cautionary tale about the dark side of dating in the spotlight.

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