Jonathan Glazer Oscars Speech

Jonathan Glazer Oscars Speech caused a big reaction. The director is known for making films about difficult topics like “The Zone of Interest.” At the awards, he made a bold statement that spread far beyond the ceremony. Glazer’s Oscars speech compared the Holocaust to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict while millions watched worldwide.

Some audience members were stunned, while others clapped. The Jewish filmmaker criticized the “loss of humanity” that he believes led to past atrocities and today’s violence. Glazer’s words struck a nerve. Some accused him of being morally wrong for equating Israel and Hamas’ actions. Others praised him for using his platform to address this complex, divisive issue.

The speech quickly became a cultural controversy. It sparked passionate debates on social media about celebrities discussing politics. Whether people agreed with Glazer or not, his Oscars speech succeeded in provoking thought and starting an ongoing dialogue.

Glazer’s daring speech at the prestigious awards show ignited strong reactions on both sides. While risky, it ensured his message about the human costs of conflict received global attention and reignited important conversations. Visit “” for more insights and analysis.

Jonathan Glazer Oscars Speech
Jonathan Glazer Oscars Speech

I.  Who is Jonathan Glazer?

Jonathan Glazer’s movie “The Zone of Interest” is about the Holocaust. It’s based on a book by Martin Amis. The film is in Polish and German. It shows the reality of Auschwitz death camp. It focuses on the family of Rudolf Höss, who was the longest serving commander at Auschwitz.

Glazer doesn’t hold back in showing the evil and loss of humanity during the atrocities. The haunting visuals and thought-provoking story resonated with many. “The Zone of Interest” was a hit at Cannes 2022, winning the Grand Prix award.

The 96th Oscars happened on March 12, 2023. It celebrated the best films of the past year. While not too political overall, some moments stood out. Mark Ruffalo and Billie Eilish wore pins calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. But it was Glazer’s speech accepting Best International Film that caused major controversy.

Celebrities often voice views on political issues like the Israel-Gaza conflict. Some stay quiet, fearing career backlash. Others are vocal, supporting or criticizing actions on both sides. The conflict is very divisive, even in Hollywood. As public figures, celebrities’ stances can really impact public discourse.

Who is Jonathan Glazer?
Who is Jonathan Glazer?

II. Jonathan Glazer Oscars Speech

Jonathan Glazer’s Oscars speech was unexpected and controversial. After thanking people, he talked about the themes in his Holocaust movie.

He said “The Zone of Interest” shows how losing humanity leads to the worst things. This loss of humanity shaped our past and present. His words hinted at a big connection he was about to make.

Then Glazer made a bold statement that started the controversy. He said, “Right now, we reject our Jewishness and the Holocaust genocide. We are attacked by an occupying force that caused conflict for many innocent people.” He was connecting the Holocaust to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Glazer talked about victims from Israel on October 7th and the ongoing attack on Gaza. He called them all “victims of this inhumanity” that must be fought. He didn’t separate Israeli and Palestinian victims, which some people criticized.

Before leaving, Glazer honored Alexandria Bystroń-Kołodziejczyk, an old Polish woman who joined the resistance at 12 years old. She would secretly bike to Auschwitz and leave apples – a small but powerful act of defiance shown in the movie.

Glazer’s speech had a big impact. Some people condemned him for comparing the situations, while others praised him for addressing the human cost of the conflict.

Jonathan Glazer Oscars Speech
Jonathan Glazer Oscars Speech

III. Reactions to Glazer’s Speech

Jonathan Glazer’s Oscars speech got a lot of reactions. Some people criticized him harshly, while others supported him strongly. The Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA (HSF) was one of his biggest critics.

HSF President David Schaecter wrote an open letter on their website. He said, “I was pained to hear you compare Hamas’s savage attacks on innocent Israelis to Israel’s necessary self-defense against Hamas.”

Schaecter accused Glazer of making false and morally wrong statements by comparing Hamas and Israel. As a Jewish filmmaker who made a Holocaust movie, Schaecter was upset that Glazer would “dare to speak for the six million Jews, including one and a half million children, murdered just for being Jewish.”

But Glazer also got support from some groups, like the Israeli veterans’ organization Breaking the Silence. They posted on social media, praising Glazer for “taking a clear stance against misusing Judaism and the Holocaust to justify the occupation…”

Breaking the Silence liked that Glazer encouraged critical thinking and open talks about the complicated Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They thought his speech was important to balance the one-sided stories that are usually told.

The strong reactions to Glazer’s speech show the deep divisions and emotions around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some people thought his words were insensitive and wrong, while others liked that he challenged the usual narratives and encouraged nuanced discussions about the human impact of the conflict.

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