Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report

The “Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report” shows how the 16-month-old baby suffered. Her mom Kristel left her alone for over a week on vacation. With no food or water, Jailyn starved and got very dehydrated. By the time Kristel called 911, Jailyn had died.

The autopsy details are very upsetting. Jailyn’s tiny body was extremely thin and malnourished. She even tried eating her own poop to survive. The “Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report” is proof of the torture the innocent baby went through. She took her last breaths alone and suffering in her own home.

Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report
Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report

Jailyn Candelario was a 16-month-old baby girl. Her mom Kristel went on vacation for 10 days. She left Jailyn alone at home with no food or water. Kristel went to Puerto Rico and Michigan. When she came back on June 16th, Jailyn was dead. She starved and got very dehydrated.

Evidence showed Jailyn suffered terribly in her last days. She tried to eat her own poop to survive. Her body was extremely thin from no water. At the trial, witnesses cried telling the sad story. The judge gave Kristel a life sentence in prison. He said she committed the “ultimate betrayal” against her daughter.

Kristel’s lawyer said she had mental health issues like depression. But the prosecutor said that didn’t excuse leaving her baby to die. The tragedy started a big discussion. People talked about parental responsibility and the importance of mental health care.

It was a shocking case of child neglect. A baby crying alone for days until starving to death. Her mother was off having fun instead of caring for her. It showed how serious untreated mental illness can be.

Jailyn Candelario
Jailyn Candelario

The Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report was very sad. It showed how much she suffered. The doctor who did the autopsy, Dr. Mooney, gave upsetting details about Jailyn’s body.

Dr. Mooney said Jailyn’s body was decomposing, meaning she died 2-3 days before being found. This means the poor baby was alone for almost a week after her mom left with no food or water.

The report showed Jailyn was extremely dehydrated and her kidneys failed from no fluids. She was so desperate she tried eating her own poop to survive. Poop was caked on her hands, feet, under nails, and even in her mouth.

Dr. Mooney cried explaining how a child Jailyn’s age feels immense separation anxiety. She said the abandonment for days, combined with starving and extreme thirst, made for an “agonizing death” that’s hard to imagine.

The Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report proved Jailyn’s awful final days alone. Her tiny body showed the tragic effects of starvation and neglect by her own mother who was supposed to protect her. It was disturbing evidence of her suffering.

Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report
Jailyn Candelario Autopsy Report

The courtroom was very emotional during the Jailyn Candelario case. Police detectives, first responders, and even the medical examiner cried when talking about the disturbing details.

Sergeant Gomez broke down describing Jailyn’s “long and agonizing death” all alone while her mother vacationed. The prosecutor, Ms. Faraglia, slammed Kristel Candelario for her “lack of humanity.” She said even animals care for babies better than how Candelario treated Jailyn, leaving her to starve.

Candelario’s lawyer tried defending her by saying she had depression and anxiety. He claimed she stopped taking medication before the trip, making her mental health worse. Candelario’s parents apologized for missing warning signs, saying depression “consumed her” inability to care for Jailyn properly.

But the prosecutor wasn’t convinced by the mental health defense. She brought up recorded jail calls where Candelario happily talked about her “fun” Puerto Rico vacation after Jailyn died. Faraglia said Candelario’s actions like changing Jailyn’s clothes and making up a cover story showed she knew what she did was evil.

The emotional testimony showed Jailyn’s cruel death. The legal arguments debated Candelario’s mental state. But in the end, her extreme negligence could not be excused.

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