Gogo maweni inserting a snake Video

Gogo Maweni, a renowned sangoma and reality TV personality, recently sparked controversy with her shocking video revelation about a bizarre ritual involving snake insertion. In the video, featured on her podcast “The Which Craft,” Maweni claims that some women have live snakes inserted into their bodies through their private parts as part of a money ritual.

Maweni’s podcast aims to educate and inform viewers about the often misunderstood world of African spirituality and traditional healing practices. As a respected sangoma, Maweni uses her platform to shed light on these practices and provide solutions to those seeking guidance. However, her latest video has left many viewers stunned and confused.

In the controversial video, Maweni describes the alleged snake insertion ritual in graphic detail. She explains that live snakes are inserted into women’s bodies, head first, to be fed as part of a money-making ceremony. The revelation has sparked outrage and disbelief among viewers, with many questioning the legitimacy of such a practice.

Maweni attempts to clarify the process of snake insertion in her video, stating that it is part of a larger ritual aimed at bringing wealth to those who participate. Despite her explanations, the public remains largely skeptical and horrified by the concept. Social media has been abuzz with reactions to Maweni’s video, ranging from shock to morbid curiosity.

Gogo maweni inserting a snake Video
Gogo maweni inserting a snake Video

As a sangoma, Maweni is no stranger to controversy and has faced criticism and even attacks from those who oppose her practices. In a previous video, she participated in the Wuu Wuu Challenge, showcasing her supernatural abilities and addressing her detractors. The snake insertion video has only added to the intrigue surrounding Maweni and her work.

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