Die Top 5 Aprilscherze Video

On April 1st, the world gets hit with crazy pranks. But a few stand out as legends. Check out “Die Top 5 Aprilscherze Video” – the most epic April Fools’ jokes ever.

Tech companies like Google and brands like BMW, Lego, Burger King, and Taco Bell went all out. From fake yoga email controls to driving with your feet and a Lego airplane, no idea was too wild.

Get ready to see some insanely creative and hilarious pranks that blew people’s minds. “Die Top 5 Aprilscherze Video” has the most outrageous April Fools’ Day jokes that lived on forever.

Die Top 5 Aprilscherze Video
Die Top 5 Aprilscherze Video

Google’s “Gmail Motion” (2011)

Google pulled an epic prank in 2011 with “Gmail Motion.” They made a video showing people doing weird yoga poses and hand gestures to control Gmail. Crazy, right?

The prank video went viral. Everyone was confused but also laughing at how ridiculous it was. Tech geeks thought it might actually be real for a sec. Google really sold it well.

Behind the scenes, Google’s team was probably cracking up at everyone falling for it. They put a ton of work into the fake promo video with special effects and all. The prank was so well executed that it became legendary.

When the truth came out, people could finally relax their bodies and use Gmail the normal way. But Gmail Motion will go down as one of Google’s most iconic April Fools’ jokes ever.

BMW’s “Foot-Controlled Driving” (2015)

For April Fools’ 2015, BMW went totally nuts with their “Foot-Controlled Driving” prank. They acted like you could drive a car just using your feet! So bizarre.

BMW made this slick promo video of people operating the pedals and steering wheel with their feet while driving around cities. They even had a “Foot Choreography Expert” teaching the technique. Hilarious.

On social media, BMW went all out with hashtags like #BMWFootDriving. People were arguing if it was real or not. The marketing got everyone talking.

Eventually, BMW admitted it was an April Fools’ joke. Everyone was relieved but also impressed by how far they took the prank. It showed BMW’s creativity and willingness to do something outrageous for laughs.

While foot driving was never gonna be a real thing, BMW’s prank became legendary. They executed it perfectly to punk the whole automotive world.

BMW's "Foot-Controlled Driving" (2015)
BMW’s “Foot-Controlled Driving” (2015)

Lego’s “Lego Brick Airplane” (2021)

For April Fools’ 2021, Lego went all out with a crazy prank about making a full airplane out of Lego bricks! They claimed it would actually fly and everything.

Lego made this detailed promo video showing the “design process” with wind tunnel tests and interviews with fake Lego engineers. They even had blueprints showing how the brick patterns would make up the plane’s body and propellers.

The level of detail was insane to try and sell this ludicrous idea of a Lego airplane that could really take off. Lego went so far as to make it seem totally plausible.

But of course, it was all an elaborate prank. When Lego finally revealed the truth, everyone breathed a sigh of relief mixed with admiration for the sheer commitment to the joke.

While a working Lego plane was never gonna happen, Lego’s prank blew people’s minds. It was so well executed and imaginative, reminding everyone why Legos are awesome.

Burger King’s “Left-Handed Whopper” (1998)

For April Fools’ 1998, Burger King pulled off an epic prank with their “Left-Handed Whopper.” They acted like it was a real burger designed just for left-handed people!

BK went all out with ads showing left-handers struggling to eat a normal Whopper. They even trained employees how to serve the “lefty” Whopper with all the toppings rotated.

When people showed up asking for the Left-Handed Whopper, employees played along promoting the fake burger. The level of commitment to the joke was insane.

Finally on April 2nd, BK admitted it was all a prank. People couldn’t believe they fell for it! But everyone was also impressed by how far Burger King took the joke.

The Left-Handed Whopper instantly became a legendary prank. It showed BK’s creativity and willingness to do something outrageous for laughs. The prank was referenced for years after as an all-time April Fools’ classic.

Burger King's "Left-Handed Whopper" (1998)
Burger King’s “Left-Handed Whopper” (1998)

Taco Bell’s “Taco Liberty Bell” (1996)

For April Fools’ 1996, Taco Bell pulled an epic prank claiming they bought the Liberty Bell from the U.S. government. They said it would be renamed the “Taco Liberty Bell”!

Taco Bell went all out with ads in major newspapers featuring the bell with their logo. They even had a hotline for people to call about the “purchase.” At a fake press conference, they joked about updating the bell’s crack with a “re-entry” design.

The prank caused total outrage when it was first announced. People couldn’t believe an American icon like the Liberty Bell was sold to a taco chain. The National Park Service had to reassure everyone it was just a joke.

When Taco Bell finally revealed the truth on April 1st, some people laughed while others were ticked they fell for it. But most were impressed by how far Taco Bell took the prank for some free publicity.

The Taco Liberty Bell joke became legendary for its audacity and creativity. It showed Taco Bell’s marketing genius and willingness to do something outrageous for attention. The prank was referenced for years as an all-time April Fools’ classic.

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