Derek alldred Wikipedia

Derek Alldred, a con man who scammed many women, has his own Wikipedia page. It talks about his crimes and how he tricked people.

According to Wikipedia, Derek Alldred pretended to be different professionals online to trick women he met on dating websites. He lied about being a Navy pilot, professor, and other jobs.

Wikipedia says Derek Alldred had victims in lots of states. The women he scammed lost a ton of money because of him.

Derek alldred Wikipedia
Derek alldred Wikipedia

One victim on Wikipedia, Cindi Pardini, thought Derek Alldred was a hotel owner. But he stole over $250,000 from her in just one month, which is crazy.

Another victim, JoAnn Venhuizen, met Derek Alldred on He pretended to be a lawyer and stole $18,000 from her. He even opened a credit card in her name without her knowing, according to Wikipedia.

In The Colony, Texas, Derek Alldred scammed a woman by saying he was a Navy pilot and professor. Wikipedia says he charged over $12,000 on her credit card, which is a lot.

Derek alldred Wikipedia

Wikipedia talks about how Derek Alldred’s victims felt after he tricked them. They were really hurt emotionally and financially. It was hard for them to trust people again.

According to Wikipedia, Derek Alldred pleaded guilty and got a really long prison sentence of 288 months. He also has to pay back a lot of money, like $254,894.41, to the people he scammed.

The U.S. Attorney, Joseph D. Brown, said some important things about Derek Alldred’s case on Wikipedia. He talked about how bad Alldred’s crimes were and how important it was to get justice for the victims.

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