Console Charity Scandal: Revealing The Shocking Truth And Uncovering The Scandalous Secrets

Uncover the shocking truth behind the Console Charity scandal as we delve into the allegations of fraud and deception that have rocked the organization. In this eye-opening article by, we explore the emergence of whistleblower Tommy Morris and his revelations about Paul Kelly and his charity, Console. Learn about the history of the organization, its famous supporters, and the controversies that have plagued it. Through the examination of hidden documents, we aim to shed light on the unsettling reality behind Console and provide a comprehensive understanding of this deeply troubling scandal.

Console Charity Scandal: Revealing the Shocking Truth and Uncovering the Scandalous Secrets
Console Charity Scandal: Revealing the Shocking Truth and Uncovering the Scandalous Secrets
Discover the truth behind the Console charity scandal
Learn about Paul Kelly and the history of Console
Explore the support of famous public figures for Console
Uncover previous investigations and controversies
Delve into the hidden documents that reveal the truth

I. The Rise of Console Charity

The Founding of Console: Paul Kelly’s Vision

Console, a charity organization aimed at providing support for families affected by suicide, was founded by Paul Kelly. Growing up in the same neighborhood as Tommy Morris, Kelly had a personal connection to the tragedy of suicide. He claimed that his motivation for establishing Console was to honor the memory of his deceased sister and offer quality counseling services to families facing similar bereavement. This touching narrative attracted significant attention, and Console soon began receiving substantial annual funding from the state, primarily through the Health Service Executive.

Famous Supporters and Public Figures

Console quickly garnered support from influential figures within the community. Miriam O’Callaghan, Ray D’Arcy, and the late Keelin Shanley of RTÉ were among the high-profile individuals who volunteered their time and effort to Console’s events. The charity also enjoyed the backing of former Irish President Mary McAleese, with her successor, Michael D. Higgins, also pledging support.

  • Console gained nationwide recognition, thanks to its association with esteemed individuals such as Mary McAleese and Michael D. Higgins.
  • Miriam O’Callaghan, Ray D’Arcy, and Keelin Shanley provided their services free of charge for Console events.

Allegations of Fraud and Tommy Morris’ Revelation

However, Tommy Morris, a whistleblower, emerged in 2012 to shine a light on the dark side of Console. He reached out to the Prime Time office, revealing information about Paul Kelly’s long history of fraudulent activities. While the information provided by Morris was deemed reliable, it could not be verified based on the required standards set forth by defamation laws. Morris also disclosed an interesting connection between Paul Kelly and a previous charity founded by him, which was the subject of a consumer advocacy program on RTÉ known as ‘Look Here’ in the 1990s.

“Look Here” was a short-lived series that covered a variety of topics, including a segment on Paul Kelly’s previous charity venture. Journalist Mairead McGuinness, now a Member of the European Parliament, reported on Kelly’s mismanagement. Shay Howell, a researcher on the program, possessed valuable documentation related to the segments, even after leaving RTÉ. These documents were anonymously sent to RTÉ’s television reception department just days before the episodes aired, offering insights into Kelly’s questionable practices.

II. The Allegations against Paul Kelly

1. Misuse of Funds and Financial Irregularities

One of the key allegations against Paul Kelly, the founder of Console, revolves around the misuse of funds and financial irregularities within the organization. It has been claimed that Console received hundreds of thousands of euros in annual funding from the government, primarily through the Health Service Executive (HSE). However, investigations have revealed instances where these funds were not utilized for their intended purposes.

2. False Representation and Manipulation

In addition to financial improprieties, there are allegations that Paul Kelly engaged in false representation and manipulation to maintain a positive image for Console. It has been suggested that he fabricated stories and exaggerated figures to portray his organization as more successful than it actually was. This deceitful behavior ultimately misled both donors and supporters who believed they were contributing to a worthy cause.


Misuse of Funds:
– Embezzlement of government funding.
– Failure to allocate funds appropriately for their intended purposes.
False Representation:
– Fabrication of success stories to maintain credibility.
– Manipulation of figures to create an inflated image for Console.
The Allegations against Paul Kelly
The Allegations against Paul Kelly

III. The Impact on Console Charity

The Console charity scandal has had far-reaching implications for the organization and the people it claimed to serve. The revelations of fraud and misappropriation of funds have shattered the trust of donors and the public alike. As a result, Console has faced a significant decline in financial support, leading to a reduction in services and programs for those in need. Many families who relied on Console for counseling and support have been left without the vital assistance they once had. The scandal has not only damaged the reputation of Console but has also had a profound impact on the individuals and communities that depended on its services.

IV. The Aftermath and Lessons Learned

The Fallout from the Scandal

The exposure of the Console charity scandal sent shockwaves through the community and left many questioning the integrity of charitable organizations. The public’s trust in charitable donations was severely undermined, with individuals becoming more skeptical about where their money was truly going. Government agencies faced scrutiny for their lack of oversight and failure to detect the fraudulent activities within Console.

As a result, significant changes were implemented to prevent similar scandals in the future. The government introduced stricter regulations and increased transparency requirements for charitable organizations. Donors now have access to more information about how their contributions are utilized, ensuring that funds are directed towards genuine causes in need. The scandal also prompted a shift towards increased accountability and independent audits, aiming to restore public confidence in charitable endeavors.

V. Conclusion

This in-depth investigation into the Console charity scandal has shed light on the shocking truth behind the organization. Whistleblower Tommy Morris played a crucial role in uncovering the fraudulent practices of Paul Kelly and his charity, Console. Through a history of misappropriation of funds and deception, Console managed to gain the support of famous public figures and high-profile individuals.

However, the truth behind Console’s operations and the true intentions of Paul Kelly have now been exposed. The revelations have rocked the nation and raised questions about the accountability and transparency of charitable organizations.

This article has provided a comprehensive account of the scandal, exploring the emergence of Tommy Morris, the history of Console, famous supporters, previous investigations, and the unveiling of hidden documents. It is crucial to learn from this scandal and take steps to ensure that charitable organizations are held accountable for their actions and that funds are being used for their intended purposes.


The information provided in this article has been gathered from various sources, including and multiple newspapers. Although we have made efforts to verify the accuracy of the information, we cannot guarantee that every detail is completely accurate and verified. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution when citing this article or using it as a reference for research or reports.

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