What Is Chris Cuomo Net Worth Current?

Chris Cuomo, the former CNN anchor, is a controversial figure in journalism. What Is Chris Cuomo Net Worth Current? Known for tough interviews and seeking truth, he has built a massive $12 million net worth. His rise from a legal career to a media mogul is fascinating. Let’s look at how he made his fortune, the key career moments, and the scandals that almost destroyed him. Visit for more insights and analysis.

What Is Chris Cuomo Net Worth Current?
What Is Chris Cuomo Net Worth Current?

I. What Is Chris Cuomo Net Worth Current?

Chris Cuomo is a big-time TV journalist, formerly hosting CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” until getting fired in 2021. His massive net worth is estimated around $12-16 million as of 2023.

Cuomo made bank from his journalism gigs over the years. At CNN alone, he raked in a crazy $6 million per year salary. He also earned decent paychecks from previous jobs at networks like ABC News where he was a chief correspondent.

On top of his TV money, Cuomo invested smartly in real estate too. He bought a lavish 5-bedroom mansion in Southampton for $1.3 million, then flipped it years later for $2.9 million – scoring a fat profit.

However, his CNN firing after aiding his brother Andrew Cuomo amid a harassment scandal likely put a temporary dent in his net worth when he lost that $6 mil salary.

But Cuomo landed on his feet, recently joining NewsNation to host his own show again. With his experience and hustle, he’ll probably keep building that multi-million dollar fortune through hosting gigs, investments, books, etc.

So while his exact current Chris Cuomo Net Worth is just an educated estimate between $12-16 million, one thing’s clear – this controversial journalist is still seriously wealthy from his high-profile TV career.

What Is Chris Cuomo Net Worth Current?
What Is Chris Cuomo Net Worth Current?

II. Early Life and Legal Career

Chris Cuomo was born in 1970 to a major political family in New York. His dad was the former governor and his bro Andrew later became governor too. With that prestigious background, Cuomo first tried being a lawyer.

He graduated from Yale and got his law degree from Fordham in 1995. Cuomo worked briefly at a fancy law firm, but quickly realized journalism was his true calling.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Cuomo started getting correspondent gigs at networks like CNBC, CNN and MSNBC, covering all sorts of controversial issues. His big break was joining ABC News in 2000.

At ABC, Cuomo went undercover investigating stuff like the suburban heroin crisis for their 20/20 show. His hard-nosed reporting skills helped him climb the ranks fast.

In 2006, he became the main news anchor for Good Morning America, reporting on major events worldwide like the Virginia Tech shooting and Hurricane Katrina. His work earned him his first major awards like an Emmy.

Then in 2013, Cuomo jumped to CNN to co-host their morning show New Day. But he really hit it big in 2018 with his own prime time program Cuomo Prime Time, which quickly became CNN’s top-rated show thanks to his aggressive interview style. Cuomo had transformed from a legal whiz kid into a media powerhouse.

III. Controversies and Downfall: Heated confrontation and racial slur incident

Chris Cuomo faced a controversial downfall due to his involvement in advising his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, amidst sexual harassment allegations.

CNN fired Chris Cuomo after revelations showed his role in assisting his brother’s defense against these allegations. The situation escalated when it was disclosed that Chris Cuomo had leveraged his industry contacts to gather information on his brother’s accusers, leading to his suspension and subsequent termination by CNN. Moreover, Chris Cuomo faced a sexual misconduct allegation himself, adding to the turmoil surrounding him.

The firing of Chris Cuomo sparked mixed reactions, with some criticizing CNN for not taking action sooner due to what they perceived as a breach in journalistic ethics.

The controversy deepened when attorney Debra Katz reached out to CNN regarding a sexual misconduct allegation against Chris Cuomo, although the exact impact of this allegation on his termination remains unclear.

The downfall of Chris Cuomo stemmed from his involvement in advising his brother during a sexual harassment scandal, ultimately resulting in his firing from CNN and subsequent allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

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