Horrified By His Wife Murder Carey Birmingham Video Reddit

A crazy video blew up on Reddit. It shows a man killing his wife. The man is Carey Birmingham from Texas. He shot his wife Patricia after they had a big argument.

In the video, you see Carey and Patricia yelling at each other for 30 minutes. Carey is super mad because he thinks Patricia cheated on him. He gets angrier and angrier as they fight. Then Carey says “You’re going to meet Jesus” to Patricia. After that, he pulls out a gun and shoots her dead right outside their house.

Horrified By His Wife Murder Carey Birmingham Video Reddit
Horrified By His Wife Murder Carey Birmingham Video Reddit

The Carey Birmingham Video Reddit caused a lot of people to talk about domestic violence online. They discussed how social media shares disturbing videos like this one. The video is an extreme example of what can happen when someone gets too angry and violent in a relationship.

People were shocked to see such a horrible real-life murder on Reddit. The video is a sad reminder that anger can make people do terrible things if not controlled. Relationships require understanding and healthy communication to avoid tragic outcomes like this one.

Carey Birmingham was a 60-year-old man from Texas. A video on Reddit showed him killing his wife Patricia. It was very shocking.

The video starts with them arguing for 30 minutes. Carey was very angry and jealous. He thought Patricia was cheating. He told her “You’re going to meet Jesus.” Then he shot her outside their Texas home.

After, Carey’s lawyer tried to say it was a crime of passion. Carey pleaded guilty in front of an all-female jury. His lawyer hoped they would be sympathetic.

But their daughter Olivia didn’t agree it was just passion. She was very upset. She said her dad must have planned it for a while to do something so horrible to someone he loved.

Olivia felt she lost both parents that day. The dad who killed her mom wasn’t the same man she knew before. It was heartbreaking for her.

Horrified By His Wife Murder Carey Birmingham Video Reddit
Horrified By His Wife Murder Carey Birmingham Video Reddit

The Carey Birmingham Video Reddit is very disturbing. It shows him murdering his wife Patricia. They were arguing for 30 minutes. Carey was extremely angry and jealous. He accused his wife of cheating. His words were full of venom and revenge. The tension was super high. Anger filled the air.

Then Carey said something truly chilling – “You’re going to meet Jesus.” His tone was calm but calculating. This line foreshadowed the horror to come. Moments later, gunshots rang out. The video shows Patricia’s lifeless body outside their Texas home. The camera unflinchingly captured the aftermath of Carey’s rage. A haunting silence followed the violence.

The raw, unedited video is very disturbing to watch. There is no escape from the brutal reality. It reminds us of the darkest sides of human behavior. How ugly unchecked emotions can get. The video went viral very quickly online. It sparked major debates about domestic violence, mental health, and social media’s role.

While deeply troubling, the video raised awareness too. About getting help for problems. Having open communication in relationships. Finding better ways to resolve conflicts besides violence. The video was a tragic but important wake-up call. All information will be available on our website at

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