Incident The Fateful Collision Baltimore Bridge Collapse Video

A crazy video went viral of a bridge collapsing in Baltimore. It shows the intense moment a huge cargo ship crashes into the Francis Scott Key Bridge. You can see a part of the bridge just crumble and fall into the Patapsco River below. Wild!

The video is shot from different angles, making it even crazier to watch. People can’t believe their eyes as this massive bridge structure gets destroyed in an instant. The footage has everyone talking and speculating about what exactly happened. All information will be available on our website at

Incident The Fateful Collision Baltimore Bridge Collapse Video
Incident The Fateful Collision Baltimore Bridge Collapse Video

Authorities are now investigating the whole disaster. They’re trying to figure out how a ship ended up slamming into the bridge supports like that. Maintenance records, shipping logs, you name it – they’re digging into everything to understand the cause.

People are shook seeing such important infrastructure get wrecked so easily. The bridge connected major highways, so its collapse is causing huge transportation issues in Baltimore. Commutes are a nightmare now.

The video is just jaw-dropping. One second the bridge is there, the next it’s rubble in the river. Definitely a scary sight that has everyone wondering what went so wrong. Investigations are ongoing to prevent anything like this from happening again.

A big ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Baltimore Bridge Collapse Video. It was really bad. The bridge fell apart into the river below. Someone took video of the whole thing happening. It was scary to watch.

The ship was a huge container ship from Singapore called the Dali. It was almost 1,000 feet long. At around 1:27am, the Coast Guard got a report that the ship hit one of the bridge’s support pillars. The ship’s lights started flickering and black smoke came out.

Then at 1:28am, the ship hit the bridge again. Just seconds later, the top part of the bridge collapsed down into the Patapsco River underneath. It was destroyed.

The damage was really extensive. Big sections of the once-strong bridge were either underwater or resting on top of the ship itself. At least 7 people went missing in the river.

So far, only 2 people have been rescued. One of them is in critical condition. The video shows the whole bridge crumbling in horrifying detail. You can see the effects rippling across the 1.6 mile span as it fell apart.

No one knows yet if anyone died. But people in Baltimore are very upset about losing such an important bridge and worried about what it will mean.

After the Baltimore Bridge Collapse Video, investigators started looking into what caused it. Their early findings didn’t give a clear answer, but pointed to some possible factors.

They are closely examining the container ship’s navigation. The crew on the Singaporean ship Dali is under scrutiny. Investigators want to know if the ship was following proper procedures for its course, speed, and maritime rules. Any mistakes could have led to hitting the bridge.

The bridge’s maintenance history is also being reviewed carefully. Experts are studying the bridge’s construction materials and past inspection reports. They need to check if there were any underlying issues or oversights that made the bridge vulnerable to collapsing.

Weather and environmental conditions at the time are suspected factors too. Things like weather data, tides, and visibility are being analyzed to see if they contributed to the incident.

Many agencies and experts are working together on this complex investigation. They are interviewing witnesses, analyzing ship data, and examining forensic evidence to uncover what really happened.

Incident The Fateful Collision Baltimore Bridge Collapse Video
Incident The Fateful Collision Baltimore Bridge Collapse Video

As the investigation continues, Baltimore awaits answers about the circumstances surrounding this tragic event. The community wants accountability and assurance that steps will be taken to prevent similar disasters.

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